Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu

Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu is an international trainer, executive coach, learning & development consultant and founder of ProAkademi international consulting firm. She has designed and delivered training in over 25 countries, reaching individuals of more than 100 nationalities.

She was the first ever Turkish speaker at the ATD International Conference & Exposition in 2007, and has participated eight times as a speaker, once as panelist and invited again as panelist this year. She was also speaker at ATD Asia Pacific Conference 2015 in Taiwan and speaker at ATD Regional Workshop 2016 in Istanbul and in Denmark.

She served as head trainer at several International Academies, like European, Norwegian, Russian, Estonian and Austrian Academies, leading diverse trainers’ teams in JCI (Junior Chamber International). She was internationally awarded as ‘Most Outstanding Trainer’ and is certified as the highest trainer level (ITF) International Training Fellow by JCI.

She had appointed as the Training Commissioner for Europe by JCI, first Turkish to hold that position in the 100 years history of this international organization, responsible from L&D activities in 40 European countries.  She is also Toastmasters International representative for Turkey and is Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), meaning advanced certification of Communication and Leadership. She is the first Turkish trainer certified as ATD Master Trainer and she also holds ATD Consulting Skills certification.

Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu Courses

EO201-PowerExcel1(The Essentials)



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