Power Excel 2 (Real Case Studies) EO202.

Power Excel 2 (Real Case Studies) EO202.

2016 Open Dates :-

  • Feb 10 – 12,
  • Apr 27 – 29,
  • Jul 13 – 15 (Accra),
  • Jul 20 – 22 (Abuja),
  • Aug 17 – 19,
  • Nov 9 – 11

Overview & Objective 

This course (Power Excel 2) is a “no agenda” Classroom based course. It is closer to consulting than training and it’s main aim is to directly improve the productivity of participants by solving major spreadsheet reporting and analysis problems they may have.

We have one simple rule for the course; “The 10 minute rule!”. We believe nothing should take you more than ten minutes to solve in Excel, including those hectic month-end reports that force you to work overnight at your offices.

We will teach you our time tested report automation methodology that just works and works all the time. We will show you the secrets of becoming very productive; you will quickly become the Excel Guru at your office.

You will leave this course with fresh templates that will replace your current time consuming methodologies

Other Details

Course Duration 3 Days

Who should attend?
All experienced users of Microsoft Excel.

Pre requisites
Power Excel 1 or a passing score in our online Excel Proficiency Test

Learning Process
Blended learning methodology using group discussions, exercises and case studies.

A Laptop with Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 installed is required for this course.

Maximum class size is 20.

DAY 1 to 3

This course (Power Excel 2) has no agenda, you are required to bring your work related problems to the training; we will then show you efficient time saving techniques to solve identified issues.

You will get a very detailed set of templates and exercises that we know will be useful to most participants,

we may use some of these exercises to further explain a technical excel issue you may have during the course. Our Trainers are consultants and this course mimics the Consulting Process.

The course is structured as follows:

  1. Each participant brings a copy of a finished report or analysis on Excel
    (preferably one that takes you a long time to do).
  1. Each participant also brings the raw data or data sources used to create the above report.
  1. The Instructor will then show you how to get from raw data to your finished report in a fraction of the time
    it takes you (we follow our 10 minute rule, nothing should take you more than 10 minutes in Excel
    except where the information itself is flawed or unavailable).


Typical issues addressed in the course (Power Excel 2) includes:

  • a recap (reminder) of basic features and functionality in Excel including a review of the new Ribbon interface in Excel  2010 and new features of Excel 2013 and 2016
  • a detailed step by step guide on automating reports using two methodologies: Formula based automation and Pivot Table Automation
  • how to harness the power of some advanced functions (INDEX, OFFSET, INDIRECT, MATCH, SUMPRODUCT, SUMIFS etc.) to save a lot of time at work;
  • how to build a dashboard in Excel
  • understanding why certain popular functions e.g. VLOOKUP and IF almost always have a more efficient alternative. You will learn why they are inefficient in carrying out certain tasks and what alternative functions do a better job;
  • how to be comfortable in carrying out any reconciliation or data analysis task
  • having a good working knowledge of advanced charting features (master the Series formula) and basic data visualisation techniques;
  • understanding time value of money (TVM) calculations and how to build quick and effective TVM models ;
  • and much more.


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