Power Excel 1 (The Essentials) – EO201

Power Excel 1 (The Essentials) – EO201

Overview and Objective

A working knowledge of Excel is vital for most office based professionals today, and stronger Excel skills can open the door to promotion and leadership opportunities.
Excel is a powerful tool but cannot function alone. It takes a savvy computer user to take advantage of everything Excel has to offer to provide the best results for their company.
This course will provide the general spreadsheet Skills needed for navigating workbooks & worksheets, as well as working with dialogue boxes. It will teach you best practices for calculating in Excel, creating sales projection, Entering & Editing Data along with other Essential Worksheet Operations.
Furthermore, you will understand cell referencing, learn how to Link Sheets, learn to how to find the right function for any task and much more.

Other Details

• Course Duration 2 Days
• Who should attend? All Employees that use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.
• Pre requisites Our online Excel Proficiency Test
• Learning Process Blended learning methodology using group discussions, exercises and case studies.
• A Laptop with Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 installed is required for this course.
• Maximum class size is 20


Overview of Excel

• Required Laptop & Excel Settings
• Where it all Started from (VisiCalc to Excel 2016)
• What is Excel (The excel Interface)
• What Excel can accomplish when used properly.
• General spreadsheet skills:
• Workbooks, Worksheets, Navigation etc.
• Excel Menus & Toolbars

Entering & Editing Worksheet Data

• What data can we use (Options Dialogue Box)
• Best practice rules when working with data
• Useful shortcut keys
• Entering Text and Values
• Entering Date & Time
• Modifying Cell Content

Essential Worksheet Operations

• The fundamentals: controlling the worksheet view & working with rows & columns
• Working with Formulas and Functions
• Looking for the right function to use
• Best practices in entering and editing function
• The Function Argument Box
• Simple Functions: Basic Excel Functions
• Basic Text Functions in Excel

Working with Formulas and Functions (Cont’d)

• Joining and Splitting Text in Excel

• VLOOKUP Mastery
• What it is & how to use it efficiently
• Case Study Application

 DAY 2

Referencing Exercises

• Understanding the 4 ways to reference cells and ranges
• Sales Projections
• Scenario Analysis in Excel

Analysing Data Using Charts

• Introducing Charts
• Types of Chart: Line, Bar, Pie, Radar, XY charts etc.
• Chart elements
• Applications & Best Practices

Formatting in excel

• Understanding custom number formatting
• It is a matter of Looks
• Inside Looks (Format Cell Dialogue Box)
• Outside looks (colours, shadings etc)
• Simple conditional formats
• Creating & Using format Template

 Consolidating Data

• Summarising Large Datasets
• Using Subtotal tools
• Linking multiple sheets
• Other Excel data management techniques

Intro to Data Analysis

• Sorting
• Filtering
• Subtotal
• Intro to Pivot table
• Questions and Answer

What is Next

• How to Register for Online post training support from dbrownconsulting
• What Skills to learn next


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