ATD 2016

Our organisation is a consortium of

ATD Master Trainers

We have vast experience in our fields and are available to design and deploy world class training anywhere in the World

A group of us will be talking at the ATD 2016 International Conference & Exposition

Learn how a group of trainers representing five continents stayed connected using social media after meeting in an ATD Master Trainer Class two years ago. The connection helps reinforce the learning, enables sharing of best practices, and renewed passion for their work.

The panel is eager to share step-by-step techniques of how they engaged multi-cultural participants through Master Trainer knowhow. They will reveal how they mix learning methodologies in South America to connect with all learning styles. You will learn about techniques they use to follow up with managers and how they are creating high engagement in the Middle East. They will divulge techniques used for teaching technical subjects by treating you as “consulting clients” in Africa. Discover how they are using social media to foster engagement. Join in the discussion about training and development techniques that work around the world and what “tweaks” are necessary to make these best practices work in your corner of the global community.

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